A Great Diamond Diamond Guide
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When a round brilliant diamond has been cut to "Ideal" proportions by a master cutter, it is a splendor to behold.

The Ideal Cut Diamond describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions. In symmetry, with 58 exactly placed facets, process the ultimate in lustre and beauty.

When a diamond is cut to the ideal proportions, all of the light entering from any direction is totally reflected through the top and is dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes and rainbow colors.

Ideal Cut Diamond Example


A Premium Cut diamond demonstrates subtle variations from the Ideal Cut. Although dimensional differences affect a diamond's reflection of light, a Premium Cut still achieves a harmonious balance between it's proportions and the display of brilliance.

Premium Cut Diamond Example


Most diamonds are "spread" in their cutting to retain maxiumum weight from the originial rough. A heavier diamond will result, but at a dramatic sacraifice of potential fire and potential.

*Arrows on the diagram simulate the flow of light in the diamond.
Inferior Cut Diamond Too Deep Example Inferior Cut Diamond Too Shallow Example

Too Deep

Too Shallow

When a diamond cut too deep, light* leaks out of the bottom, brilliance is lost and the center of the diamond will appear to be dark.

When a diamond is cut too shallow, light* leaks out of the bottom, brilliance is lost and the diamond appears to be watery, glassy and dark.